Hey my fellow wikians.

I have a special announcement. On Pokémon X and Y, I'm beginning my owner breeding service. My Pokémon will be bred with my special Ditto at the Day Care, thus creating an egg. In this service, you may ask what Pokémon you want me to breed. I'll then breed it and give it to you via trade. I will take any random Pokémon.

Please note that I cannot get legendaries to be bred. Also, I cannot breed Pokémon that you cannot capture in X/Y. For example, you cannot capture Typhlosion in the game, so I cannot breed it. Until Pokémon Bank is released in December, I can only do Pokémon that you can capture in-game. After Pokémon Bank is released, I'd be happy to breed any Pokémon you'd like.

In the comment section below, please fill out a document saying what kind of Pokémon you'd like.

Please copy this forum:

Trainer name:

What Pokémon I'd like:

By When? (when do you want it?):

Friend Code:

My friend code is 2664-2580-0077, but I'm trusting all of you not to share this with anyone else. Please? Thank you!

-- LizardMaster178Talk!Eevee BW 11:51, October 17, 2013 (UTC)