Okay, first of all, this episode summed up in three words: Super Duper Awesome! I loved the episode so much! The struggle of Spike trying to keep Twilight away well the girls argue back at the castle was quite entertaing. Also that Twilight and spike visited the Library made me a little emotional. I loved the fact they mentioned the Golden Oak Library so much, and they also mentioned previous episodes and moments that felt so close to our hearts. The song was quite catchy too. Season 5 is looking good so far! As the girls began to argue, they all started fighting which made me want to laugh because it reminded me of how sometimes my friends and I don't always get along. However, in the end they realized it wasn't the castle or library itself that made it home. But the memories that happened within it. Which sparked an idea. Spike continued to stall Twilight, well the girls begun their process. In the end, they dug up the roots of the tree and made a gorgeous chandelier with gems containing memories of friendship which truly made Twilight happy. The castle finally felt like home. I truly loved and enjoyed this episode. Let's see what else season 5 has got in store for us!