Okay, I haven't seen many articles or spoilers supporting this, but support me on this. Okay, remember how Meghan McCarthy stated that Flash Sentry wouldn't be in season 4, however he appeared several times for example "three's a crowd". (That smile well getting on the train though, we all know it was at Twilight) Anyways, so.....what If like the spoilers for Season 5 have been saying how Pinkie Pie will be getting a colt friend, instead Twilight gets a colt freind, maybe, Flash Sentry. Hear me out though, in hearts and hooves day it's shown ponies clearly date, and in Equestria Girls Twilight Is clearly attracted to Pony Flash at the end of Equestria Girls. I think it would be interesting seeing PONY Twilight for once actaully having more emotional scenes that just the ending of a movie. I believe it'd be a very interesting time for Twilight, seeing her struggle to be a princess, defeat evils, all the normal MLP stuff, well dealing with a emotional relationship like many other normal people in life. Seeing how someone like Twilight, a very organized and "got her stuff together girl" all the sudden dealing with something she can't control,or somerhing new for her, like her romantic feelings. I think I'd be interesting seeing how Twilight acts around pony Flash, maybe he could ask her to dance at the gala. I think maybe another gala episode or another hearts & hooves day sort of episode would be very interesting on Twilight's point of view. Since none of the mane six have clearly had a "special some pony". Although others may argue, I think it would be interesting seeing pony Twilight struggling with such emotions which could add to her personality and character development.