I'm currently doing a project in school on fandoms, my point of view is that fandoms should be seen as individuals with feelings and lives, unlike how people see them as wholes who have zero feelings and seem strange and creepy. I think instead of being called fandoms, we should be called fans. Which I think is more open and freeing of a word than "fandom". I feel fandom is too boxed or restricted, saying you can only like this one thing. I'd like to do a poll, please share this will as many bronies and friends you know that are able to comment below! My question is do you prefer thr term fandom or fans? Please comment below, I will at the end gather up the votes and write up my results. Please vote/comment only once.I will post when you should stop voting, thank you all that participateLolaBunny27 (talk) 21:19, February 16, 2015 (UTC)LolaBunny27 Aka Holly M.