Chaos Theory #1 Controlling the sun

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Welcome to Choas Theory! Where I, I mean we, discuss and analyze the more mysterious side of MLP FIM

This week I'd like to talk about a mysterious connection between Ahuizotl and Celestia...

First off in the episode Daring Don't Ahuizotl plans to get all the rings of Scorchero in oder to bring 800 years of unrelenting heat to the Tanocteetlan basin, now at first glance this looks like something Nightmare Star would try to do but to Equestria which instantly raises many questions.

As I'm sure we all now the Sun is the greatest source of heat in the solar system and is most definitely the hottest thing in  The Equis solar system. And we also know Celestia is in control of the Sun, So the question rises: How do the Rings of Scorchero control the Sun if that's Celestia's job?

Its not to crazy to find a powerful relic that has magical powers beyond belief. The Elements Harmony, Crystal Heart, and Alicorn Amulet are all good examples of this so maybe the Rings just have some magical powers, end of story.

Or is it a possibilty that Ahuizotl and Celestia are linked and that the Rings are some sort of power transfer for the gods. It is my personal belief that Ahuizotl much like Celestia is a god. But this theory is broken by the fact that in the book Daring Do and the Eternal Flower Ahuizotl goes to great lengthes to get the Eternal Flower and its power to grant immortality.

So if Ahuizotl isn't a god than whats his connection to magic? In the episode Magic Duel it is shown that Zebras can do magic, if Zecora can do why can't Dragons and Ahuizotl-thingys do magic? We've seen a draconwquus and centaurs do magic so Ahuizotl being able to wield magic doesn't seem to far-fetched but then why would he have ancient relics do it for him?

Maybe instead of using the Sun the Rings use magma? This isn't too crazy of an idea either considering the use of lava in Read It and Weep but I must say this does sound a little ridiculous, then again what part of this plan doesn't sound ridiculous? I don't even know why he wants a 800 year heat wave in the first place!

Anyways I'm done with this anyhow. Its probably just some random idea the writers came up with. Or is it? Leave your ideas on the topic in the comments below and tell whether or not you found this helpful or interesting.