Welcome to the 18th round of War of a Hundred Ships, in which we take as many ships as possible and vote to see who is more loved, popular, or logical. 

Well, here we are . The two most popular and logical ships of them all, SunsetSparkle and Sparity. These two are by far some of my favorite ships and it is hard to choose but no matter what, they're both champions in my book. 

Have fun and tolerate! 

Ships remaining : 1


Twilight Sparkle + Sunset Shimmer : 12                                                     ELIMINATED

Spike + Rarity : 19                                                                       WINNER

well there you have it, Sparity has survived all nine rounds and become the winner. The most loved, popular, and logical ship in the fandom(31 random people) !

Thank you all for being a part of this crazy game. I know it's not that hard to think about a few relationships and click the vote button a few times but it means a lot to me. You're all awesome in my book!

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