Well now we finally get the chance to bring back some dead ships (chaos necromancy) and now in order to get them into play by having them go against the ships that recieved the fewest votes but still won in each round. This will be the only revival round.

Also I'd like to say that just because a ship is on the poll doesn't mean I agree with it at all, these are just the crazy ships I've picked up from all across the fandom.

Have fun and tolerate!


Rarity + Trenderhoof : 8                                                            ELIMINATED 

Rarity + Pinkie Pie : 10                                                             WINNER

DJ PON-3 + Octavia : 8                                                            ELIMINATED  

Twilight Sparkle + Flash Sentry : 11                                           WINNER

Sweetie Belle + Spike : 11                                                        WINNER

Trixie + Spike : 6                                                                      ELIMINATED 

Lyra + Bon Bon : 6                                                                   ELIMINATED

Shining Armor + Princess Cadence : 13                                     WINNER

Sunset Shimmer + Spike : 4                                                    ELIMINATED

Sunset Shimmer + Trixie : 13                                                   WINNER

Rainbow Dash + Fluttershy : 8                                                 Survived

Discord + Fluttershy : 11                                                         WINNER

Thank you!

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Let's just have a moment of silence for all the good ships we lost this round...