Welcome to the 15th round of War of a Hundred Ships, in which we take as many ships as possible and vote to see who is more loved, popular, or logical.

Also I'd like to say that just because a ship is on the poll doesn't mean I agree with it at all, these are just the crazy ships I've picked up from all across the fandom.

With only six ships left you will be asked to vote for your favorite ship of the three provided below. After that you will be asked to vote for your second favorite ship of the three. The two ships with the most votes will continue while the third ship with the lowest votes will be eliminated.

Have fun and tolerate!

Ships remaining : 5


Sunset Shimmer + Twilight Sparkle : 13                                     WINNER 

Derpy + Dr. Hooves : 11                                                           Survived

King Sombra + Queen Chrysalis : 7                                           ELIMINATED

Thank You!

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