Welcome to the 8th round of War of a Hundred Ships, in which we take as many ships as possible and vote to see who is more loved, popular, or logical. And if your favorite ship isn't on this poll you don't have to freak out, because it will be on the next round, or the one after that, and so on...

Also I'd like to say that just because a ship is on the poll doesn't mean I agree with it at all, these are just the crazy ships I've picked up from all across the fandom.

Have fun and tolerate!

Ships remaining : 38


Cheerliee + Big Mac : 15                                                         WINNER

Fluttershy + Big Mac : 5                                                          ELIMINATED

Rainbow Dash + Trixie : 4                                                        ELIMINATED

Soarin + Luna : 14                                                                   WINNER

Twilight Sparkle + Discord : 8                                                   ELIMINATED 

Rarity + Rainbow Dash : 11                                                      WINNER

King Sombra + Queen Chtysalis : 12                                         WINNER

Moon Dancer + Twilight Sparkle : 8                                           ELIMINATED 

Sweetie Belle + Spike : 9                                                          ELIMINATED 

Twilight Sparkle + Celestia : 10                                                  WINNER

Rainbow Dash + Spike : 11                                                        WINNER

Sunset Shimmer + Trixie : 8                                                       ELIMINATED

Thank You!

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