Happy Valentines Day everypony! I hope you,re all having a beutiful day. Some of you will probably be out spending the day with your special somepony (or someone in the case that they are not a pony fan) but others will be here instead on our computers. It doesn't mean we don't have a life though, just a life very dedicated to...       ...this? whatever you like to call 'this'. Oh well, we are getting off topic. In honor of Valentines Day I give you a very special round of shipping madness.

Also I'd like to say that just because a ship is on the poll doesn't mean I agree with it at all, these are just the crazy ships I've picked up from all across the fandom.

Have fun and tolerate!

Spike + Nightmare Rarity                                                             1st place

Queen Chrysalis + Lord Tirek                                                              2nd place

Shadowbolt Rainbow Dash + Flutterbat                                                      3rd place

Thank You and have a happy Valentines Day!!!!

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