It's time we decided who Rarity is meant to be with! again, after an interesting voting experience over who would be Rarity's best male suitor(which is here) I have decided to make a poll to decide who would be here best female suitor, since let's face it we all ship her that way somehow, and so the following poll has been created for your pleasure our displeasure. Also I'd like to thank all of those who participated in the last poll about Rarity's male suitors, thank you. No one really said anything about preferences so I just put up the basic choices. one week later...


Twilight Sparkle: 0

Fluttershy: 0

Pinkie Pie: 0

Celestia: 0

Luna: 0

Applejack: 5

Rainbow Dash: 9

Sapphire Shores: 3

None of the Above: 10     WINNER

So here we are once again, it appears that when it comes to Rarity's female suitors things are either specefic or abstract, with no middle ground. You have Rainbow dash and Applejack scoring high numbers and then you got the None of the Above option also getting a lot of attention too. so what does this mean? I'm not one who usually ships Rarity with mares, considering her prince charming crushes, but I found this poll quite interesting. I thought Applejack would get more votes than Rainbow but that's not the case. I also have lots of questions about these None of the Above mares.

But all in all I thought this was fun to watch, even if the results are more twisted than Discord's mind but to each one's own, I hope you had fun.

If you read down this far I love you.

Until next time, this is Lord Spike, the unsung champion signing off!