It's time we decided who Rarity is meant to be with!

Here are a few choices for her possible suitors (I think the choice is obvious):

NOTE: If you are one of those people who think Rarity sould be shipped with another mare leave it in the comments below and I'll add anoter poll in a seperate blog for her mare suitors. 

Spike the Dragon: 34 votes

Trenderhoof: 2 votes

Thunderlane: 1 vote

Prince Blueblood: 4 votes

And so the voting for Rarity's male suitors comes to an end with Spike winning by a landside and Prince Blueblood coming in at second place with 4 votes. Stay tuned cause I'll have Rarity's female suitors up in a bit, but I need help with some of the possible choices so feel free to put any of your picks in the comments below.

to be honest Spike winning wasn't a big suprise to me, it just goes to show how much they are made for each other, but what was a suprise was Prince Blueblood getting 4 votes. Blueblood got more votes than any other of Rarity's non-dragon suitors.

I would also like to say sorry for not putting FancyPants in as a option, he just kinda slipped my mind. Although in my headcanon he is married to Fleur Dis Lee and even if he wasn't he is still to old for Rarity. But I know that explanation isn't much consolation.

Looking back now I realize that, like Imperfect XIII said, I should have put a "none of the above" option as well. oh, there's always next time.

But until then I hope to see all soon! This is Lord Spike, the unsung champion signing off!!!!:)