• Lovedoor111111

    OK!  So this is What would you do? MLP Version! Answer in comments below!

    1. Become an Alicorn Or..Go to EG Universe

    2. Be Celestia Or... Be Luna?

    3. Have thumbs as a Pony Or... Be a dragon with Laser Eyes?

    4. Unicorn Pony Or... Pegasi Pony

    5. Earth Pony Or... Alicorn

    6. Applebloom Or... Applejack

    7.Sweetiebelle Or.. Scootaloo 

    8. Background Pony Or... Foreground Pony

    9. Zebra Or... Pony

    10. Cutie Mark Or.. Secret Alicornian 

    Post below your answers! And Can you wait for Season 7!?!

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