Well, I didn't think my first blog was going to be like this. A few hours ago, a user I'm not going to name came into the chat room. He seemed decent at first, not someone terribly...well, terrible. But at one point, he gave a brohoof to, essentially, males only, saying that "pegasisters suck." I, being a pegasister, was a little bit taken aback. I told him "Thanks for telling me I suck", and expected his apology to be the end of it. But then, after denouncing female fans, he told me he was sorry, and had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. A complete stranger. He went on to say an insensitive thing or two, such as saying "Mexico is good, they make good tacos", and saying that feminism is stupid, and, indirectly, saying that things should just be handled by men. He was kicked twice, and on his third time here, he said something vulgar in my direction that I'm not comfortable talking about, and possibly not even allowed to talk about. That's when he got banned permanently.

Looking back, I'm pretty sure he was a troll. And I may have, or may still be, overreacting. But it still hurt. Being a male-to-female transgender, I'm more used to being treated like a male by family, and a female by friends. Naturally, since I'm female to my friends, they don't treat me in an awful way when they learn that I'm transgender.

Men are supposed to be "superior", or something along those lines. This guy just oozed "male superiority." And this guy wasn't my friend, so he didn't treat me like the respectable, if sometimes out-of-hand, young woman that I know I am. For the first time, tonight, I felt like someone was implying that I was inferior because of my gender preference. It was an eye opener, but I'm more determined than ever to help to dispel such nasty stereotypes as "one gender being greater than the other".

Anyways, this far in, you might wonder why I titled this "Thank You". I want this to be a message to some, and an expression of gratitude to others. Thank you to Colonel Aurochs, Pucho00, Nitz X, Filly Please, Lieutenant Lesbian, and everyone else that had my back, or would have, had they been there. You guys are all just amazing.

One reason why I love the chat is that once you make a friend, or even grow to enjoy someone's company, you're willing to stand up for them. And with the chat, I feel like I'm surround by friends. The MLP fandom isn't always like that, but I'm just happy to know that it can be just as loving as the transgender community. With every day, I feel like I'm more included, and I can't thank you all enough for that.

And that about sums it up. Thank you.