this is a story i made just for fun so enjoy.

one day rainbow dash was out practicing a new trick to impress the wonder bolts. she was just about to complete her trick when CRASH!!!! she had accidentally bumped in to one pony. "oh . . . uh . . . sorry heh heh my bad. um . .who are you?" " wha . . .oh . . uh my name is royal flame and you ar . . ." "only the best flyer in all of equestria ha ." "oh my your rainbow dash crash heh heh ! may i please have your hoof-o-graph?" royal flame voiced with sarcasim. "why of cour . . ." "HEY LOSER GET A CLUE !!!!! LIKE I WOULD WANT THE WORLDS SLOWEST PONY TO GIVE ME A HOOF-O-GRAPH!!!!!! NOW GET LOST BEFORE I . . . under construction (need ideas)