So, lately there's been some debate over whether or not we should create a seperate page for Sci-Twi or include her under Twilight Sparkle's page. Here's what I think we should do for ALL the characters:

We can create a seperate page/article/section for "Character Personalities". For example, under Rarity's we could have: Nightmare Rarity, Discorded Rarity, Alternate Universe Rarity, Equestria Girls Rarity, Inspiration Manifestation Rarity, and so on. Under Sunset Shimmer's we could have a note about her personality as Demon Sunset. Luna would have, of course, Nightmare Moon and notes about her Equestria Girls counterpart and her Mirror Universe counterpart. And Twilight Sparkle would have notes about her Equestria Girls counterpart and her personality as Midnight Sparkle.

I know that this will be a lot of work, but it'll be a lot easier than creating seperate pages for EVERY Equestria Girls character, including the ones who have pony counterparts. Let me know what you think, and if someone likes this idea, then...great! Maybe someone with more experience on the Wiki can start creating these pages? I dunno!

It was just a thought!