This is '''not''' finished but i hope you enjoy what there is of it.

She was a new pony a unicorn, in fact. Twilight Sparkle had been super happy to recive a letter from Princess Luna saying that her best student was comming over for a visit but when she came she was, well different from the other ponies because she was pitch-black, had super-sharp shoes colored red, her mane & tail were black and blue and her cuite mark was a bat. everypony was scared of her but Princess Luna told her " It is allright you just need to talk to Pinkie Pie she will help you fit in better". and so she took her adivce and do you know what? She did make some friends on the first night she made them she saw a shooting star and knew everything was going to be alright.

First chapter what do you think? P.S I will only accept happy and good coments about this. ok? got it?
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