If you watched the new episode of My Little Pony you would know that Pinkie Pie's older sister was introduced! So Maud Pie (which is here name) wasn't all that I thought she would be! I kind of thought she would be different than Pinkie, but not that different! She has a pet rock that's (okay.. not that weird). She has a no personality! (she HAS to have SOMETHING in common with her sister!). But she doesn't! But I know one thing she loves Pinkie Pie too death! She destroyed a GIANT boulder to save Pinkie's life! With her bare hooves! "Did you see what she did with that rock!" says Rainbow Dash. I hope she is on another episode but I would like her to have a day when she acts like Pinkie Pie (just for a little... to try it out). I wonder how it will end?