For a while, people have been confusing "Cheering others up" with "Giving others complete privacy". You can cheer others up, but it's only okay if it's based on their PERSONALITY and when they need it. While others thrive from depression as a comfort zone. I am the PRIME example. I am the type of person who is meant to cheer YOU up and get you out of isolation, NOOOOOT the other way around. A person like me rather stay in this dark shadow of loneliness and sadness. If I say any depressing statements, it's mainly out of ideology and philosophy.

Freek, Jorge, and Park are users whom I loved that I tried reason this to. You cannot give me a heart in which I will sole a scar into. If your truck is broken beyond repair, then it is more logical to throw it away then expect some miracle to fix it. People will have to do the same with me. It hurts even more that some pals actually think I'm something special.

In real life, this is the very same reason why programs such as "Suicide watch" has become VERY....supremely controversial. Just by knowing someone is under this method of prevention would actually INCREASES the chances that this person will want take their own life again anyway. Ideas of more privacy laws against extreme methods from Suicide Watch would hopefully decreases the chance of self esteem deterioration. 

If I roleplay as "Lyra" at times from a sad fanfic you know, It's does not mean I want to depress you. Nor mean that I want to troll. I was banned earlier for the confusion. Nothing will fix that now, but I want to tell others that I love being in this "Zone of depression" so I can rest easy without any deep thoughts clouding my judgement. I may tend to ramble on an on about things I don't know, but thats okay.

In a way, I'll always be sad, if I'm happy, I'll set others in more uncomfortable area. Such as Pinky being sad in "party of one". It's not a pretty scene. It's MORE natural for me being lonely and sad then happy and jumpy. Like it's MORE natural for Pinky to be happy and jumpy then to be lonely and sad. Get it?

So I don't want to depress others, nor do I want OTHERS to cheer me up. I just want to share thoughts as time passes by.

So please, from the goodness and love from my heart, DON'T cheer me up. It will only stab my soul more. If people hate me and don't care for me, I'm glad. If people love me however, my feelings drop in this confusion in which I'll become even more broken then I already am.

So I beg you for any new comers passing by.... leave me broken and sad. NEVER try to fix me. Or else you'll be depressed yourself, and I don't EVER want that.

There are just some people in this world that are unsavable, and I'm one of them. 

Don't do the impossible... and I'll be at ease as I ramble on with my depressing pointless thoughts.

Everyone in this world wants respect. NO ONE wants pity.

With ALLL my love LyraHeartstring (talk) 01:52, June 18, 2013 (UTC)