I would like to have a word with you all...I'm sorry for being vindictive about the whole CMC thing. It's OK to hate changes but NOT all the time, right? I know the CMC have an Inseparable bond that will last forever, but the point is: You're allowed to feel a little jealous about it. You just have to be able to admit that that's what you're feeling so you can let it go. Well technically it was Rarity who DID say that to Twilight in the What About Discord episode.

And don't get me wrong, the CMC are like TVXQ who had an inseparable bond and of course, myself in real life. In the other words, I cannot STOP thinking about this whole Non-canon CMC spin-off in my head since July 2014. Think about it: If I were a showrunner/director/producer, I would had that chance in the first place. Why NOT start an spin-off by ignoring the events of the COLTM episode? That's why I'm thinking about the same thing too you know.

And that's why the CMC will NOT disband because of their friendship just like KARA, TVXQ and Girls' Generation. But thanks to them, I have learned a lot, but deep down inside of us...No matter what opinion I say, deep down in our hearts that we will ALWAYS love the CMC as Blank Flanks. Let's all hope the CMC doesn't end up like Babs Seed, TVXQ or KARA. Wait a minute, since the CMC got their marks, why NOT rename themselves as "Cutie Marked Conquerors" now that is a good name, right?

From now on, I will only watch new episodes focusing on the Mane Six, because I know Season 4 is my favourite, I kinda enjoyed it a lot than S5...The good episode that I liked so far is Amending Fences, the one with Moon Dancer. Well some say I'm like Moon Dancer though.

Blank Flanks and Inseparable bonds are the best.