G4.1 = CMC spinoff series (MAYBE, shares no relation/continuity/connection to the main show, with Season 5, the castle and Button Mash!)

RULES: I don't want to hear any speculation on CMC getting their marks. That has nothing to do with my blog.

Since we had episodes focusing on the Crusaders operate on their own rules, with different style of writing and character interactions. So what if they just go for it and give the Crusaders its own spin-off? Just in case they (the Cutie Mark Crusaders) don't get their marks in season 5, season 6 or the movie, they should deserve their own show. The theme song would be based on "Diamond Only" by E-girls but with English lyrics.

And I got an brilliant idea: The CMC should let Button Mash (the first Colt Crusader) join the group as a quartet starting with Episode 2. Button Mash would still be voiced by ShadyVox as well as Button's mom "Elaine" voiced by EileMonty. Literally I got this CMC spinoff idea in my head since Summer 2014 (could be July). In what could be considered an alternate continuity to the original (the spin-off series shares no relation/connection to the main series aka G4.1) And speaking of Scootaloo's family and home situation, it SHOULD be addressed in this CMC spinoff by now. Even since Lauren Faust originally pitched an CMC spinoff (intended to be the one based on "Call of the Cutie" episode) and sadly it never surfaced again. But this time, the CMC spinoff will be revived under my vision of JanAnimations, the crew at DHX Vancouver & Top Draw Animation, Hasbro Studios and myself....MAITANZA (as a Franchise Creative Lead & showrunner/director).

In what could be considered an alternate continuity to MLP:FiM (the spin-off series shares no relation/continuity/same medium to the series, but it will take place during Season 5 but with Twilight's castle home filled with servants and Royal guards and DON'T forget about Owlowiscious!) The result is an Alternate Continuity — a story that is no less "official" than the original itself.

What if the Crusaders didn't get their marks in the upcoming Season 5 finale? However, the spin-off will take place in Season 5 in an Alternate Continuity (in the time in case before they got their cutie marks or not) Each character would include an Alternative Character Interpretation; for example: DT & SS still bullies the CMC by tormenting them for having no cutie mark.

Change is inevitable. It seems that soon all your favorite fanfics about the CMC being blank flanks forever will soon be canon. According to Claire Corlett (the voice of Sweetie Belle), she DID say that at Bronycon 2014 by confirming that the Cutie Mark Crusaders won't be getting their cutie marks. Right? Double true indeed!

So in my opinion, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and the new CMC member Button Mash would continue their unsuccessful attempts to get their cutie marks. But instead of having 22-minute traditional episodes, the spinoff would air in a half-hour Slice-Of-Life format comprising two 11-minute episodes via Atomic Betty, SpongeBob SquarePants, The Fairly OddParents and of course The 7Ds. Some will have Spongebob-style specials that would last a whole episode (BUT NOT A LOT)

The spinoff will follow the Slice-Of-Lice format as well too. Well, some 22-minute traditional episodes maybe or not. I mean I really do enjoy the comics though. And to my opinion: The comics should interfere with the show or put some Comic Book series references into the CMC spinoff by now. For example, episode 1-A should be adapted from the My Little Pony Micro Series issue 7 when they (the CMC) befriended an a Greater Equestrian Mimicker (Globulus Improbulus) to whom Scootaloo gives the name "Imp" who can shape-shift into anything except ponies! The episode 1-A would be called: "Something Mimicked This Way Comes". Simple, right? However, each episode would begin with an Atomic Betty-style title card (made by JowyBean). There will be episodes will not involved in searching for their cutie marks.

And FYI, Babs Seed should be promoted as a regular character on the CMC spinoff show...As well as Truffle Shuffle and Twist being promoted to regular characters, but as their friends too..Plus we should see the debut of the Manehatten CMC branch right about now. In my closing thought, the CMC should have their own spinoff series. I think I meant "Generation 4.1" In such a spinoff though I would really like to see them as the way they are without their cutie marks as "Forever Blank Flanks". And plus I don't want them growing up and get their cutie marks because they're NOT ready. As "Forever Blank Flanks", they can try a lot of various things as a Cutie Mark Crusader without getting their marks. But the answer is: Could it be Luna for putting a gift/blessing/curse on the CMC (including Button Mash)? Good point.

But...They might just keep them without their marks to create more episodes based around them. That's a possibility or the only way for the Crusaders.

OK, let's all get serious in there: And I supose the "You can't be a Cutie Mark Crusader if you have a cutie mark" rule explains why Apple Bloom hasn't spent any time with Twist since the crusaders were formed. I mean that's ridiculous at all!

Once a foal gets their cutie mark, they're always be friends until the end. Because friends don't abandon each other. Just like the Cutie Mark Crusaders, they can even help other ponies find their cutie marks as well. "Well, you can't be a Cutie Mark Crusader if you've already got your cutie mark.." well you're Wrong, Scootaloo! Being a pony with a cutie mark, does NOT change you at all. But when Sweetie Belle said that "the clubhouse is for Crusaders only", why not start a division in the CMC clubhouse (involving Blank Flanks and ponies with cutie marks doing various fun things (not involved in searching for their cutie marks) like Indoor playdates, Picnics, hide-and-seek, exploring, Insect Hunting (Pony version of Jellyfishing), etc. Good idea. But...when Apple Bloom said that "a cutie mark won't change who we are or how everypony feels about us" does not change anyone at all. They're still them inside no matter what. If they're a Crusader or not, they can be still be friends right? Plus, SB did say that "We're lucky we're all scared of the same things. That way we can help and remind each other to just be who we are!"

Listen, about this whole CMC spinoff thing, I got this idea or inspiration taken from the Ask the Cutie Mark Crusaders website. And IF they do it, they have to hire fan VAs like ShadyVox, Nowacking and EileMonty as well as some American anime voice actors too (under the Joint Collaboration Free Trade Agreement, my creation of course!) And make the talking DJ Pon-3/Vinyl Scratch canon instead of expressing herself through music! And FYI, the Cutie Mark Crusaders logo should be based on the Cutie Mark Magic logo! And the spin-off will incorporate Pop-culture references/allusions via MLP:FiM (the main flagship series) too.

The CMC spin-off series would air on YTV and Discovery Family on Saturdays at 10:30 am on the same day-and-date like Archer on TELETOON & FX. The MLP:FiM spin-off will be Telefilm Canada's first Canada-U.S. co-production in history.

Just a reminder to all the CMC fans out there: Just in case IF the CMC doesn't get their marks in Season 5 or 6, it might be time for a CMC spinoff show, agreed?