Being a Canadian co-production, most of the voice actors for Friendship is Magic are based in Vancouver. Still, what we really like about Voicebox Productions, the recording house for the show, is that they have the ability to hire a select few US voice actors for their work, which is how they're able to get Tara Strong to play Twilight (though having Dual Citizenship certainly helps too), and how they manage to get John De Lancie to play Discord. Pretty cool huh?

They've done this with other Canadian co-productions before as well such as Kath Soucie and Tom Kenny for The Cramp Twins, Rob Paulsen for Coconut Fred, James Arnold Taylor for Johnny Test and at least 3 of the main characters for Mucha Lucha are all US actors.  Well according to M.A. Larson, Twist is now a silent character since Alexander Carter was no longer in Canada.  Bad move Mr. Larson, bad move indeed!

If Voicebox was able to get at least some non-BC Canadian and US voice actors (maybe like from Ontario for example) for a guest star, or a regular character, who would you like to see?

For example; my choices would be...

1) Denise Oliver (Sidekick, Grojband, Wayside) (HECK YES!!!)

2) Scott McCord (Inspector Gadget 2015, Atomic Betty & Total Drama Island)

3) Tajja Isen (Atomic Betty)

4) Sarah Gadon (Ruby Gloom)

5) Emily Hampshire (Ruby Gloom, Schitt's Creek)

6) ShadyVox

7) EileMonty


9) Todd Haberkorn

10) Travis Willingham

11) Will Sasso

And FYI, I think Denise Oliver would make a great replacement to voice Twist since Alexander Carter is no longer in Canada...