Note: This is actually copied from my DeviantArt Journal. As you've probably gathered this is going to be focussing on the TV series "Friendship is Magic" which I am a fan of, but I accept it has it's haters, because everything has haters, so I am in no way "forcing you to read this journal" if you hate Friendship is Magic.

Now the reason I'm making this is because today, I favorited some artwork which showed the cast of Friendship is Magic with the cast of the first My Little Pony generation, and it got me thinking about something I've been thinking of for a while. While I understand that fans of Friendship is Magic, or "Bronies" as we've become known didn't like the previous MLP generations, I'm surprised that they could a) wish they didn't even exist, and b) not get that they in some way lead up to Friendship is Magic. I keep seeing comments on how they either wish that the previous generations didn't exist, or that they are thankful to Lauren, who made Friendship is Magic for taking a rubbish show and making it good. While the only MLP generation I currently like is Friendship is Magic, and I am more than grateful to Lauren and everyone else who was involved in making it, I don't agree to this at all. I'm perfectly okay with people having their own opinion, and while it does to some extent fill me with some kind of satisfaction that for the first time in forever it's a remake that's getting the most praise (in most cases when a children's classic gets remade it's the remake that gets all the unfair hate, so I'm really pleased that FIM didn't get that treatment) I don't think it's very fair on the people who did like the previous generations, especially the ones who like Friendship is Magic themselves. I absolutely love Friendship is Magic, but it is the only pony generation I have seen save from seeing what I think was the start of an episode of Gen 1, that I completely blacked out of my mind until becoming a fan of FIM (In fact I think I was actually interested, but had to go to school or something, so I missed it, and by the time I got anywhere near anything Pony related again, I had become a stereotypical boy, who hated "girly" things like ponies). I can't believe how stupid I was back then, especially now that I remember I was actually intrigued at the episode I saw. I keep meaning to check out previous generations, and even if I don't like them, or at least don't find them up to the standards of Friendship is Magic I will still have a high respect for them. The reason being, simply, if they didn't exist, Friendship is Magic wouldn't exist. Furthermore, Lauren was a fan of Generation 1 when she was younger, and that is why she ended up making Friendship is Magic in the first place. It wasn't like Lauren watched the first generation and thought "Well this sucks!, When I grow up I'm gonna make my own version so I can replace this garbage." She was a fan maybe she still is I don't l know, but the point I'm making is while it's perfectly alright to not like the previous generations, you need to realize that, like all remakes, Friendship is Magic was created by fans of the previous generations.

Furthermore, Friendship is Magic contains many references to previous generations (mainly gen 1, but they're all there . So I really don't see how anyone could call themselves a true Brony if they actually thought that Lauren's goal was to bury the previous generations – she even wanted to include more characters from generation 1 as is my understanding, but there was some copyright issues (don't understand this at all, how did Hasbro run into copyright issues from themselves?). So yeah, keep your opinions, because it's fine what you like and don't like, but I feel the need to point out that it's really silly think that the creators of Friendship is Magic were haters of the previous generations as well. If you read this, I thank you for it, I realize it was long, but there you go. Hope I didn't sound arrogant or anything.