Note; This is an almost direct copy of a post I did on a forum, so it may or may not look weird.  Also, you are all still welcome to post on my old blogs - opening a new one doesn't mean I want you to stop posting on the old ones.  Just in case you thought that, sorry if I sound patronising.

Positive Points:

1. The show still seems to aware that it has three target audiences; children, pre-FIM fans, and bronies

2. There is still continuity where it counts.

3. It's not over hyping the main six by making them the automatic heroes every episode. (this is one of the reasons the human characters in Generation 1 failed in the end, even though I liked them as characters)

4. Hasbro are starting to lose their fear about including things they don't think kids would understand.

Negative Points:

1. Sombra was dissapointing, and did nothing. If what I hear about him being an OC is true then I feel sorry for the kid who created him.

2. Some of the characters appear to be developing backwards in my opinion. Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie are the worst offenders. We had episodes like Sonic Rainboom and Mare Do Well that helped us understand Dashie's arrogance better, and episodes like Mare Do Well (again) and Read it and Weep that had her take a look at herself, and tone down her flaws a little. Now all of a sudden, she reverts back to her Dragonshy personality during that stupid-jousting scene? Is this really the same pony who was essentially Fluttershy's guardian during Sonic Rainboom, The Cutie Mark Chronicles, and Hurricane Fluttershy? I don't think so! The second of which is a flashback which makes her behavior in Dragonshy out of character anyway. Pinkie is suddenly a lot more one-dimensional after Too Many Pinkie Pies, I'm actually hoping that it's actually a set-up to an episode that reveals that they sent back the wrong Pinkie, and the one we've seen in the latest episodes is one of the clones. It would make sense, as they were very immature compared to the real Pinkie.

3. After some clever Generation 1, and Generation 3 allusions in The Crystal Kingdom, and a retelling of a Generation 1 storyline and a litterally in your face refference to Generation 3 (get it? I said "litterally in your face" because it involved sompony's face) they seem to have stopped doing call-backs to the classics, unless I'm not looking hard enough.

4. But I'd much rather they had done this while Lauren was still working there! Picture this, you're someone who's been given the chance to do your own version of something you loved as a kid, but then they refuse to do some of the things your way because (in their words) "The target audience won't understand what you mean". No big deal, you rise above it, and create your show regardless. Then you leave the show in their hands for whatever reason - and find out that now you're gone you find they're including things that they told you not to include?!