Hey there.... Listen I want to share one thing about what I wish in the fifth season.... I wish that Twilight has some moments to shine. Alright I know what are you thinking, is a weird and bland wish for the season, but I have my reason to wish that.

Guys.... didn't you noticed lately that after Twilight's Kingdom (that I consider her best apparence in the show to date), in this seasonal pause.... Twilight was abused or treated badly by both writers and fans?

I'll explain 1)In Rainbow Rocks she's completely useless (even thoght it made sense with the plot); 2)In the far west arc of the IDW comics, she was a freaking idiot. 3)There have been released some fan animation where she..... gets killed. (like this one…)

Alright, those are minor things and unrelated from the main series, but as her fan, this abuse of Twilight's character is annoying me a bit. What do you think?