I don't know if someone  remember me. But anyway I'm not back here, I'm here only to leave this message to all of you that belive that only the first MLP season is good because it's the only made by lauren Faust: 

I don't care about all of you, I don't care about your stupid opinion, you've ruined an amazing show to a lot of people. The S2 and the S4 (so far) are A LOT better than the first one. I understand that in the S3 there has been a little drop in quality, but there are also awesome/funny episodes anyway (Too Many Pinkie Pies, Magic Duel, Sleepless in Ponyville, Wonderbolts Academy, Keep Calm & Flutter On, Just for Sidekicks and Magical Mystery Cure). 

And I know what are you thinking now, let me anticipate you: if you saw the first episodes of the S4, then you should have noticed it then, Discord's redemption and Twilight's transformation HASN'T ruined their characters..... AT ALL. So you don't have any reasons anymore to be harsh about that. 

I'm starting to believe you never decided to watch the show for personal interest, but only because it was a current stream  of the internet. I'm not of this low category of people, I decided to watch the show because I WAS interested in it and NOT because it was popular (also I didn't know it was popular when I discovered it, I entered the fandom several weeks after, and now I regret I have done that, and I wish I only knew the show...). 

The show is going well, shut up bronies.... or I may say... HATERS?

In any case I don't care about you anymore, if you want to pretend that this show has only one good season.... well worse for you then, but I'll continue to support the show and I won't be your puppet anymore!

Farewell.... You should shame of yourself.