Hey there. Today I want to talk about a thing pretty delicated about the show: the first season. I've heard many people that consider it the best one, others that pretends that only that one exists at all..... but I'm the only person in the world that consider it very overrated? I've so many problems with it...

-It has the weakest two-parter of the show so far;

-The other Mane 5 are pretty jerky in Ticket Master toward Twilight, for that freaking ticket;

-Applejack, RD and Rarity are very hypocrite in Boast Busters;

-Bad story and most of all TERRIBLE moral in Feeling Pinkie Keen (althought the humor was good);

-Semi-killing Twilight in Stare Master was really cruel and unecessary for the plot of the episode, not thinking that the episode itself it's really boring;

-The CMCs and Spike are written really baddly in respectively The Show Stoppers and A Owl's Well Who Ends Well;

-The story of Over a Barrel is really forgettable. 

I don't know, I find more problems in the first season, than in the others three putted together. And if you want to know my problems for the others seasons:

Season 2:

-The plot of Cutie Pox is boring;

-The Mane 5 are REALLY jerks toward Rainbow Dash in Mare do Well;

-The dragons from Dragon quest are terrible;

Season 3:

-There are several bad written episodes (One Bad Apple, Apple Family Reunion, Spike at Your Service and Games Ponies Play)  but that I suppose is justified by the fact that Hasbro forced Meghan and company to write it in just 4 months (and that explains even why it had just 13 episodes), a mistake they won't do again;

Season 4:

-The Mane 6 are the parody of themselfs in Rainbow Falls;

-Applejack is a freaking idiot in Somepony to Watch Over Me.

I don't know..... I feel like the first season is pretty weak. It has its gems, but I find pretty weak compared to the other ones..... what do you think?