Hi guys. Today I want to share an opinion on the general quality of the episodes of MLP:FiM. In these days I've rewatched all the episodes aired so far. I saw a lot of various comments on the episodes in general, some says that there are some episodes wonderful, others are bad and so on. IMO instead as writing, humor, music, animation and characterization every episodes are very very good. There's not an episode that I hate so far. I can rewatch them over and over and over again, to have fun. The only episode where I can agree with critics is The Mysterious Mare do Well, for it's bad writing and characterization, and I agree with the fact that is the worst episode so far, but anyway, I don't hate it. For conclude my opinion, almost every episodes are good, if they are liked or disliked, depends from the subject.

What do you think about it? Do you agree with my opinion or there's something wrong in what i think?