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  • I live in Ottawa, Ontario
  • I was born on February 28
  • My occupation is I make videos on YouTube
  • I am male
  • MLBert

    Hello MLP!

    February 26, 2012 by MLBert

    Hello everyone! This is my first day on the MLP wikia, and I am pretty cool with doing this :)

    I usually don't edit stuff on big wikias, because everyone says I do stuff wrong, when I'm just uploading pictures and stuff, and i get banned for pretty much no apparent reason at all.

    If you want me to make pictures, just ask. I'm really good at making pictures with no background for use in videos of what I like to call "picture text." It's not animation, but you take a picture, put it onto something like Windows Movie Maker and add text. :)

    So good luck to me, and remember; just ask if you want pictures :)


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