Hi, My name is Stephen Webber

I just want to put my own prediction out there with the whole Equestria Girls Movie Series.

They made the firs movie after Season 3 Of MLP FiM, and then the second movie after season 4.

Being that the announcements were always late, i had a theory…

Im thinking, since the Hasbro Nation had left SUCH A HUGE cliffhanger, i really do think that after Season 5 is through airing, that they will complete the so called “trilogy” because thats what i think it is.

I think that after Season 5 is far over with, Hasbro is going to fully announce the newest MLP Equestria girls Movie… but this is all just my theory.

Equestria Girls, and Rainbow Rocks all had something in common. It seemed that when Equestria Girls Ended, Rainbow Rocks started, if you had seen the ending of Equestria Girls, and then the beginning of Rainbow Rocks, the beam that had struck Sunset Shimmer, was the Magic of friendship beam. And in the beginning of the newest movie, Adagio Dazzle had said that she thought she could see and feel the equestrian magic, and the other two, said that this world didn’t have any magic.

Thats where i come with this issue.

I just know that Hasbro is going to make a third movie. Being that my buddy works for Hasbro, and he gives me every little bit of information about the MLP Series planned, movies, pictures, etc. Everything… And the other day he said that he over heard his boss talking about the Third Movie… The new name that is going to be in place, and the new characters that are going to be added..

Thats all he could tell me from what he overheard…

I hope to you all are looking forward to all of this…