aka I am a brony.

  • I live in PonyVille.
  • My occupation is Going on this Wiki.
  • I am Male.
  • MLPFan999

    Dreams are Crushed.

    December 28, 2011 by MLPFan999

    You know, when you have a dream, and you tried to fulfill it, then suddenly, its crushed. Sometimes it happen, or it doesn't. My dream? Being a administrator. But, boohoo. It was crushed. I tried and tried. And I failed. If I am a administrator, I would feel like a king. Bold and proud. But, now, I am just a broken My Little Pony toy in a trash can. I am a failure. you may comment about how you feel or try to make me feel better. (If you help me feel better, I'll put you on the People Who Made Me Feel Better List, or P.W.M.M.F.B.)

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