[FANMADE!] An excited Sketch balances a marshmallow on a stick with her Older brother, Gusty Twister, watching with a smile

Sketch grabbed a large bag of marshmallows and ran outside as fast as she could. She tosses the bag down, not even stopping. She flapped her wings, managing to get a feet feet of the ground, then she hurried through the trees. She gathered all the twigs she could and dropped them in a pile. "Gus! Hurry up!", Sketch shouted at their small home. Her brother came walking out, his mane a tangled mess. "It's summer, I should be sleeping to my heart content", he said, then smiled at how excited his little sister was. He got to work, creating a fire. "Marshmallows!", an overly excited Sketch shouted. Gus chuckled at his sister's inability to wait.

Sketch circled the fire in the air, too excited to stop. Suddenly, a breeze threw her off balance and she dropped down towards the fire. "Sketch!", her brother shouted, catching her just in time. "Be careful, you know you're still learning to fly", her brother said with a sigh. Sketch was a pro at getting into danger and scaring him. To both of their relief, they were ready to roast marshmallows.

Gus slid a marshmallow on a stick and handed it to Sketch, then continued to put more on a stick. "Hey gus! Look what I can do!", Sketch said. Gus looked up to see Sketch balancing the stick on her nose. Gus began to laugh at his sister's silly ways. "Oh Sketch, there is not another filly like you", he said with a smile.

That was one of Sketch's favorite memories because she got to spend time with her big brother.