Sketch worked in her art studio like she did at every free moment. It was a peacful summer day, a perfect day to go see her friends. She loved visiting the small village she was born and raised in. It held so many memories of her past. Even some secrets were in that village. She decided today she would take a carriage to the village and visit everypony. Suddenly, a guard pushed opened the door, startling Sketch. Nopony came in her studio, it had always been her place. If a guard barged in like that, it must be urgent. "I'm sorry your majesty, I didn't mean to startle you", the guard apoligized. Sketch stood up straight, her wings at her side and her head high. "There is, well, you need to see this", the guard struggled with his words. Sketch nodded her head and followed the guard to the front door.

Several other guards stood at the door, they all appeared to be watching something. Sketch slowly made her way over and was shocked to see a baby! It had a chestnut brown coat and a dark brown mane and tail. It looked like a normal pegsus baby. Sketch gasped when it looked up at her. One eye was a dark blue, but the other was a emerald green. Sketch had never seen anything like it. She circled the small foal, it only had a blanket. There was a folded piece of paper on the blanket. Sketch picked it up and read it carefully. The mother had left it there in hopes a princess could "fix" her child. Sketch frowned in anger. The baby was different, but there was nothing wrong with it. All she saw was a healthy normal baby.

The guards brought the small foal inside and Sketch sent guards to get her friends, Ash and Twix. She needed their help with this problem. The baby was a pegasus and Ash had always known more about flying. Twix had babysat a billion times over the years, she'd know how to care for the baby. Sketch paced back and forth anxiously, she couldn't care for a baby! She could find it mother, but it deserved somepony who would love it, despite it being different. The baby giggled and reached out toward Sketch. "aww, you sure are a cutie", Sketch said, smiling.

Ash and Twix arrived and were just as shocked by this baby. "Well, I can teach it to fly and do all sorts of tricks", Ash offered. Twix used her magic to open up her saddle bag and pull out several books. "These will teach you everything you need to know on caring for her", Twix said. "Her?", Ash and Sketch asked in unision. Twix nodded her head, the two were so focused on the baby's eyes and it being left that they didn't notice it was a girl. Sketch smiled and nuzzled the baby, who happily giggled. "All she needs is a name", Sketch said, smiling warmly.

Please feel free to suggest a name for her