Ok, this is on the personal side of things, but it all true

Almost 3 years ago, I came to a school after Christmas break. Things were fine for a while, but then my "friends" turned on me after I refused to do what the "leader" said. The only other group of girls were ok until I told on their friend for reporting it for bullying. Now, both were against me. The principal obviously favored them and nothing I said mattered. It got worse and worse, they'd trip me, make fun of me, scream in my ears since my ears were sensitive to loud noises. It was horrible, I would lock myself in my room crying and began wanting to end it. Even when a student saw them tormenting me and told their parent who called the principal, he let them off the hook. Hearing about Babs being bullied and at first becoming a bully, I related to and found some comfort on it. I watched it, then restart it and watch again. I especially loved the song and listened to it over and over.

I don't think anyone deserves to be bullied like that and I find a special connection to babs