Here my first real review, so here goes.

I was a bit disappointed by him being younger than fluttershy. I like the big brother/little sister relationship on the show. He also is a bit strange for a stallion. He looks more like a mare than a stallion, which gives me kinda a feeling of him being gay or trans. Especially with today society, where everything needs to be fair towards both of those. 

His lazy, care - free ways are relatable because I deal with family like that. The typical lazy, lay around all day, have everything done for them. While, he not really on the higher half of my favorite list, he has a few relatable traits. I never have hated a character. Some are not my favorites, but I never hate them. 

Overall, I think he was an Ok character. The ok is only because of those relatable traits. Without those traits, I'd say he was a poorly thought character.

Zephyr Breeze ID S6E11

Signing off,

MLP Fluttershy