Sketch sat an old oak table that had suffered through many generations of young foals. Paper, crayons, sisters, glue, tape, and other art supplies were sprawled out on the table. Sketch wanted to make Princess Celestia a gift fit for such an important pony. A small circular box sat next to her, full of gems of every shape and size. Sketch had been living in the castle along with Celestia for about 2 months. That evil mare had taken her parents away too. Sketch's hope remained, things always turned out ok in the end. Princess Celestia's neice had come for a visit. She was slightly older than Sketch, but was very kind-hearted. "Auntie Tia! Have you seen my gem collection?", Sketch heard her shout down the hall. Sketch glanced down at the box of gems. She didn't know this was her's, but she needed these gems to make the Princess a gift.

Sketch realized she had to do the right thing, it wouldn't be fair to Cadence. Sketch used her magic and walked down the hall with the box."Cadence? Are these your gems? I didn't know they were yours", Sketch explained. Cadence smiled, her colorful braces showing. "Thanks, do you need some gems? I have a bunch of gems I use for crafts", Cadence offered. Sketch smiled and nodded her head eagerly. Cadence used her magic to pull out a large box and carried it to Sketch's room. "What are you making?", Cadence asked curiously. Sketch thought about it for a moment, she wasn't sure what she'd make. "I don't know, I can't think of any gift that is good enough for such an amazing pony like Princess Celestia", Sketch explained. Cadence giggled at the young filly. "It not funny!", Sketch shouted in defense. "It wasn't laughing at that, I was laughing because Celestia would love anything you made her", Cadence explained.

Cadence spent the entire afternoon helping the young filly make a beautiful pop up of the castle. It had to much glitter that it hurt their eyes when the sun shone on it through the window. "Come on, she is going to love it!", Cadence said to Sketch. Cadence was right, Celestia was thrilled and amazed by it. "My little fillies, this is wonderful", Celestia exclaimed. Celestia said she had some free time and offered to play hide-n-seek with them. Cadence smiled at Sketch and rushed her upstairs to the playroom. "Quick, hide in here!", Cadence said to Sketch. She helped Sketch into the toy box and gently closed the lid. The small plastic toys began to hurt the young filly's hooves to stand on. After a few minutes, Cadence hadn't come back. Sketch couldn't stand being in there anymore and pushed the lid open, hopping out. She ran down the hall, looking for Cadence. She ran until she became out of breath. She didn't even know where she was anymore. "Cadence?", Sketch asked. The filly became scared, she didn't know where she was. "Help! Help!", Sketch shouted for help. Celestia and Cadence appeared almost immediately. "What's the matter, young princess?", Celestia asked concerned. "I - I - I didn't know where you guys were and I got lost", Sketch explained, tears forming in her eyes. Cadence nudged Sketch, trying to comfort her.

The three spent that night talking and enjoying hot chocolate. Sketch loved being at the castle. Cadence was like a sister to the young filly who had no family after the incident with the mare. She loved spending time with the young princess and the princess of Equestria. This was quite an interesting day.

FANMADE Princesses

(FANMADE) A young Sketch in awe by Princess Celestia with Cadence