Weeks turned into months, then years. Sketch became a beautiful young princess before every pony's eyes. Today was a big day, it was time for Sketch to become the ruler of her own kingdom. Everypony ran around the castle, making sure everything was perfect. Sketch was getting the royal treatment, especially. No pun intended. Sketch had an uneasy feeling. Her? A princess for an entire kingdom? She was terrified! The servants surrounded her, styling her mane. Dottie, Sketch's speckled puppy was even dressed for the occasion. Her speckled coat was curled perfectly with a red bow on her head. They even put a gold collar with gems on her. 

The doors opened and Sketch walked down the aisle towards Princess Celestia. All eyes were on her, the newest princess. Sketch's nervousness turned into shock, suprise and happiness quickly. There, standing behind the Princess was Ash and Twix. They were back! Then she realized her brother was standing beside the Princess. "Gus! Twix! Ash!", she shouted, running over to them and hugging them. "Hey little sis", her brother said, messing up her hair playfully. Ash and Twix smiled. This really was an exciting day, she became a princess and got her friends back. 

After she was crowned Princess, she happily talked with her old friends. She told them everything. Celestia watched them with a small smile. She had a feeling that someday Ash and Sketch would fall in love. She had noticed how Ash seemed to like her already and how he teased her playfully. Sketch seemed to feel the same. Besides, a princess should be ruling alongside a prince. Celestia didn't need a prince, she had her sister to help rule. Celestia considered getting Cadence to help.

Everything was back to normal. (so far....)