Sketch sat on her balcony, looking at the happy town enjoying each other's company. How she longed for the good old days, when everything was great. She'd be outside playing with her best friends Twix and Ash. Twix was a purple pony with a blue and pink mane and tail. Ash was a white with black splotches. They both meant the world to her and we're like family. Her older brother would eventually join their games like he always did. He may have been older, but he loved to play, especially with her. Everything was great, she'd trade anything to have that life back. In one day, she lost everypony and everything she knew and loved. Celestia had recently made her an alicorn, seeing her special gift with animals and artistic abilities. Being a princess didn't mean anything to her at that time. She was just a little filly, all she worried about was playing. Then, that horrible day arrived. It was like any other day, the sun was out, the birds were chirping, and she was playing with Twix, Ash, and her brother. Her mother called for her, saying there was some pony at the door. Sketch hoped it was somepony from school, she made friends with basically everypony. She was surprised to see a tall mare standing at the door. She was dressed in the best clothes and her mane was styled perfectly. " Are you Sketch?", the mare asked. Sketch nodded her head, her bangs falling in her eyes slightly. "Princess Celestia has asked me to come and get you, she wishes to begin your training as a princess", the mare explained. Sketch's mother immediately lowered her head in respect. "I'll go help her get ready", her mother replied. She hurried Sketch into her bedroom and began packing quickly. "What an honor! My little filly is going to learn to be a princess!", her mother exclaimed. Sketch sighed as her mother placed her saddlebag on her, tightening the strap. Sketch walked out of the room and over to the mare. "I'm Mrs. Cadenza", the mare lied. She assumed the young filly was too naive to know the difference anyway. Sketch followed her outside and trotted up to keep up with the taller mare. "We need to make a tiny stop along the way, but it won't take any time", the mare insisted. Sketch figured if Celestia sent her, she must be ok. Why would Celestia send a pony she didn't trust?

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"Mrs. Cadenza", Sketch, Twix, Ash, and Sketch's brother are mine!