Sketch was startled by the appearance of where they stopped along the way. The house was old and looked ready to fall apart at any moment. There was a tall black fence with spikes on top all around the house. Not to mention, there was a dark, mysterious forest surrounding it all. "Come along, dear", the mare said, hurrying Sketch inside. The mare slammed the door shut and gave a sinister smile. "Welcome home, Princess", she stated. Sketch didn't understand what she meant, this was a pony trusted by Princess Celestia! The princess of all of Equestria! "Celestia chose you as a princess, but you're such a naïve little filly! This is where you'll spend the rest of your alicorn life!", the mare stated. The mare began to transform into a pitch black pony with pointed teeth and blood-red eyes. Sketch screamed and ran up the old stairs, looking for any escape. "You'll get used to this life", the mare shouted after her. Sketch locked the door behind her and emptied her saddlebag. She began to write quickly. "Dear Princess Celestia, a mare came today and told me you sent her. She lead me to an old house and locked me up! Please send help! Your newest Princess, Sketch". Sketch slid it out a gap in the window and let the wind carry it off. She hope it would reach help. Suddenly, the door fell to the floor with a loud BOOM!. Sketch turned to see an angry mare standing in the door. "You little brat! You sent for help! Let see how much you wanna leave when your friends are at stake!!!", the mare shouted. She stepped aside to reveal Twix, Ash, and her brother, Gusty Twister. "Please! Leave my friends and brother out of this!", Sketch begged. The mare only snarled, a mysterious fod surrounding her friends and brother. Suddenly, they vanished! "Noooooooooo!!!!!!", Sketch shouted. "Now you'll never see any of your pathetic little friends or your brother ever again!", the mare yelled, laughing. "Think again!", A voice said from behind the mare. Before the mare could turn, Gusty Twister tackled her and pinned her with ease. "Sketch, run!", he shouted to his sister. Sketch was not going to leave her brother, she closed her eyes and shot a magic blast, hitting the mare in the chest. The mare disappeared, never to be seen again. "Sketchy! You did it!", her brother exclaimed happily. Suddenly, the mysterious fog formed around her brother once more. Before Sketch could do anything, he was gone. "No! Come back! I don't wanna be all alone!", Sketch shouted, crying. Sketch felt a gentle hoof on her shoulder. "I will never leave you on your own", a voice said softly. Sketch looked up with tears in her eyes to see Princess Celestia. "M-my brother and my friends are gone", Sketch explained. Celestia lowered herself so she was at eye-level with the young princess. "I know all too well what it like losing a sibling temporarily. I too, lost my sibling because of evil", Celestia explained. The young filly stared in awe. "You'll be reunited soon, I promise", she promised. Sketch felt better, she forgot about Luna. They eventually were reunited, Gusty Twister and her would be too.