It was a bright sunny day, a young Fluttershy was feeding the different pets that she had taken in and cared for. The birds chirped their thanks to her as she filled the bird feeders. What a beautiful day it was! A perfect day to go to the park with some of the pets. Fluttershy put a collar on each of the excited puppies and walked with them down the road, their mother trailing behind her. At the park, she let the puppies off leash and they all scrambled off. Fluttershy smiled and laid out a picnic blanket, setting the basket in the middle. She brought plenty of treats for the puppies and any hungry birds that she might meet. Birds sat in the trees, chirping their song. A squirrel watched Fluttershy, ready to dart any sudden movement. "It ok, I won't hurt you", Fluttershy whispered soothingly. The squirrel slowly came closer and Fluttershy nudged a small bowl of assorted nuts towards it. The squirrel happily ate the offered food.

      Fluttershy sighed, smiling at the squirrel. She knew all the animals at her cottage were soon to go to their new homes, some with ponies, others in the wild. She wished just once, a pet would come to stay. Suddenly, one of the puppies began barking and tipping excitedly. Fluttershy looked up to see the puppy sniffing under a bush.

Fluttershy flew over to the puppy, picking it up. "It ok, he won't hurt you", Fluttershy said to the bush. Slowly, a small white bunny hopped out. Fluttershy stared at the tiny white bunny. "Hello their little guy", Fluttershy said, lowering her head at eye level with the bunny.

"How would you like to stay with me?", Fluttershy asked. The bunny hopped on her back and nodded. Fluttershy smiled, she finally had her own pet. "I'll name you Angel since your white like one", she said smiling.