Hello everypony, I am Princess Sketch, but you can call me Sketch. I am an alicorn, as my title suggests. I was actually born a pegasus, but Princess Celestia saw something special and made me a Princess. I love animals and to draw, I carry my notebook with me at all times. Anyways, I've had a very interesting past, but you can hear all about it in "Good old days". Well, now for my big announcement! I have decided that I must find a prince, more like the rules decided. Anyways, I'm going to be looking for that special pony. You don't have to be a prince, regular ponies are good enough for me. I've never been too stuck-up. Princess or not, I'm was just a regular pony.

Please feel free to introduce yourselves to me!

Princess Sketch

No Stealing Sketch! She Is My OC!