Sketch was the first one out of the schoolhouse. Her two best friends hurried after her. "Sketch! Slow down!", Twix shouted. Ash flew up after Sketch. He easily caught up and grabbed her tail, pulling her to a stop. "Thank you", Twix said to Ash. Sketch pulled her tail free and flew down next to her. "How come you guys aren't as excited as me?", Sketch asked. "We are. You're just more energetic about it", Twix pointed out. Sketch giggled at that. "Energetic is fun", Sketch argued. Ash flew up a few feet off the ground. "Come on, we have to find a new spot for our club", Ash said. They used to have their club in the Everfree forest, but their families found it "unsafe" for 3 foals. "Who said we have to change where we meet for our club?", Sketch asked. "Sketch, you heard our parents. They don't want us to step foot in that old forest", Twix chimed in. Sketch flew up beside Ash and grinned. Both of her friends knew that smile. It usually meant trouble when it came to Sketch's ideas.

The three walked towards the Everfree forest, pulling their club wagon along with them. They had their supplies for the club in the wagon. "This is heavy", Twix said. All three of them were having trouble pulling it. "Let's just rest here for a bit. We have snacks and drinks", Sketch suggested. "In the forest?", Twix asked, slightly nervous. "Don't worry, there no such thing as monsters. Besides, they don't stand a chance against us", Sketch reassured. Sketch laid out an old blanket and set the snacks on the blanket. Ash and Twix sat down on the blanket, still nervous at the idea. "I told you, there no such thing as those silly monsters", Sketch said, confident. The two shrugged and began to eat their snacks. They all remained alert though. Sketch was just as scared, but she wasn't going to admit it.

A slight rustle in the thich brush made them jump. "It probably just a woodland creature", Sketch reassured, still nervous. The rustling only grew though. The three grabbed the nearest object ready to defend themselves. Suddenly, a head popped through the trees. Sketch realized it was her older brother, Gusty Twister. "Sketch, there you are", her brother said relieved. "Where else would I be? I told you this is where we meet at", Sketch explained. Her brother walked over to them. "You know our mom doesn't like you in the Everfree forest", he said to Sketch. "What does mom know? We've been in this forest before and nothing happened", Sketch said. "Come on, we're going home", Gusty said. Sketch and her friends remained in their same spot. "Leave us alone, we are fine", Ash said. Ash usually was pretty quiet around other ponies that weren't his friends. "Ash, your parents don't like you here anymore than our's does", Gusty pointed out. The three sighed, they put their stuff away and resumed trying to pull it. Gusty rolled his eyes, walking over and pulling it foward. "Hop on", he said with a smile. Ash and Twix hopped in the wagon. Sketch flew up and landed on her brother's back. Gusty took Twix and Ash home before heading home with Sketch.