Sketch ran through the castle, dragging a ragged doll that needed a repair badly. The doll's once beautiful, glittery pink gown was now faded and torn in several places. The once golden wheat-brown hair was now a tangled mess. Sketch got the doll as a birthday gift and she never let it leave her sight. "Aunt Celestia!", Sketch called down the hall. Celestia appeared in a long white gown and her usual tiara and necklace. "What is it my little princess?", Celestia asked. "I wanna go on an adventure", Sketch explained as she jumped up and down. Celestia smiled at the young girl's eagerness. "Ok, don't go to far though", Celestia warned. Sketch ran into the kitchen and packed her lunch, throwing the bag on. She slid on her shoes and ran out the door.

Once outside, Sketch looked at everything. There was so much to see! Suddenly, Sketch heard excited barks and turned to see a tiny puppy running at her. "Hi Dottie", Sketch said, clipping a leash to the puppy. Ace, one of the castle's guard dogs, barked at Sketch. "Don't worry, Ace. I'm fine", Sketch said as she made her way through the trees. Ace gave a small whine of worry and followed the princess and her puppy. It was his job to keep her safe. Celestia wouldn't be happy if anything happened to her.

As the young princess walked through the trees, she noticed an uneasy feel in the animals that lived there. "It's alright, I won't hurt you guys", Sketch said. Ace growled, watching around with a suspscious feeling. Sketch ignored Ace, who was usually paranoid. What could be dangerous about a forest? Ace was just paranoid. Nothing bad would happen. Suddenly, a figure appeared from the shadows. "Hello Sketch", said the voice. Sketch realized it was just her aunt, Celestia. At least she looked like it. "Why don't I join you on your adventure", Celestia suggested. Sketch noticed her eyes flashed green. Something was not right. Not at all.

Sketch walked with the Princess until they came to a clearing. "Perfect..", Celestia said with a smile. Sketch stopped in her tracks. "Oh, aunt Tia", Sketch called. "Yes, Sketch?", Celestia replied. "If you are my aunt, then you must know my friends", Sketch said, motioning to Ace and Dottie. "There your pets, of course", she replied. Sketch's eyes narrowed, her eyes just flashed green again. "Heeeeeeelp!!!!!", Sketch screamed at the top of her lungs. Suddenly the castle guards appeared around them. "Halt! Back away from the princess!", a guard ordered. To Sketch's surprise, the imposter transformed. "Queen Chrysalis", a voice growled. Sketch saw the real Princess appear behind the guards. Queen Chrysalis glared, reaching out and grabbing Sketch. "I have your precious Princess!", she shouted. Changelings appeared and took Sketch. "Give her back!", Celestia shouted. "Not a chance! Unless, you're willing to surrender to me and allow me to rule Equestria", she said with a evil smile. She knew the Princess would give up since Sketch was in danger.

"Very well", Celestia replied, giving up her reign.