When we last left off Celestia had stepped down as Equestria's ruler to save Sketch from Queen Chrysalis, who now rules.

Queen Chrysalis watched from her window as her minions created chaos for the ponies. This really was a perfect day. Better yet, Celestia and the other princesses were locked away. She left Sketch with her, the little girl could be useful. A changeling guard walked up with Sketch. "Hello little princess", Chrysalis said with a evil smile. Sketch narrowed her eyes, crossing her arms and throwing her head the opposite direction. "Figures the one little girl that is useful in my plan has to be so stubborn", she said with a sigh. Sketch scooted her body around so her back was to Chrysalis. "Listen, I'm not anymore of a fan of you, then you are of me. However, I have your loved ones in my grasp. Why don't I make a deal with you?", Chrysalis suggested. Sketch rolled her eyes, she didn't have much choice."I'm listening", the young princess replied, her back still to her. "I'll give your precious friends and big brother back, in exchange for your alicorn magic", the queen replied. 

Sketch turned her head to face Chrysalis. "I don't have alicorn magic. I'm not a powerful princess like you think", Sketch replied."Oh, you're much more powerful than you think. Your magic is key in my plans", Chrysalis replied with a smirk. "If I agree, you'll return All​ of my friends and family?", Sketch asked. "Of course! Do you think I'd lie to you?", Chrysalis replied. Sketch gave her a look, Chrysalis would lie. "Even my auntie Tia and Cadence?", Sketch asked. Chrysalis threw her head back in surpise. "Are you kidding? I'd never release Celestia or Cadence! They'd interfere with my plans! I can't have them getting in the way, now can I", Chrysalis exclaimed. Sketch narrowed eyes again, turning away. "No deal", Sketch stated. 

Chrysalis was getting frustrated, this stupid girl was just too stubborn. She wouldn't cooperate, not even for her friends. There had to be something that would convince the girl to give up her magic. However, she didn't have time to figure this out. She turned back around to see the girl was gone. "Where did she go?!", Chrysalis demanded. The guards looked at each other, confused. Chrysalis growled, they couldn't do anything right! 

Sketch ran through the halls as fast as she could. She knew Chrysalis would not be far behind. Sketch skidded to a halt in front of a big wooden door. She slowly opened it, slipped inside, and closed it behind her. Sketch tiptoes down the stairs, into the black darkness of the room. She felt her way around the room until her hand touched something cold. She jumped in surpise. "Sketch?", a voice whispered. Sketch jumped back in surpise. "Sketch, it's me, Cadence", the voice said in a whisper. Sketch closed her eyes, and opened the door. Cadencd ran out and threw her arms around Sketch. Celestia and Luna appeared behind her. "Good work, Sketch. I knew you could do it", Celestia praised. Suddenly a bright light filled the room. "There you are!", shouted Chrysalis. Sketch gasped and backed up, pulling Cadence with her. "Don't worry, you have us. The four of us are unstoppable!", Cadence stated bravely. Sketch walked foward with Cadence. Their magic began to swirl around them, then Shot at Chrysalis.

Sketch opened her eyes to see their magic had thrown Chrysalis and her minions out of the castle and far away. They were safe! "See, we're unstoppable together", Cadence said with a smile. Celestia walked over, smiling at the young princess. "Chrysalis didn't know who she was dealing with, she believed you were just a naive little girl. However, you proved to her you were much more.", Celestia said with a smile.