Sketch spent the next few days learning to care for the baby and trying to think of a name for her. It was hard to name her, she didn't know anything about the baby past of anything. Sketch decided to wait and choose a name based on her personality. She was becoming a great flyer, making it a challange for Sketch to care for her. One morning, Sketch went to check on the baby and was shocked to see the room in total chaos. Plants were knocked over, dirt was all over the floor, the curtains were a tattered mess. The baby was nowhere in sight! Sketch ran through the castle and looked everywhere. What if she had been taken? Maybe that why the room was a mess! Suddenly, Sketch heard a giggle.

Sketch followed the sound into the garden. Shooting up from the center of the garden was a aray of colorful lights. Sketch flew over and found the baby. She was teething on a crystal. "Where did you get that?", Sketch asked. The baby giggled and crawled over to Sketch. Sketch realized there was a whole pile of Emeralds, Sapphires, and other jewels that Sketch had never seen before. "Where in equestria did these come from?", Sketch said to herself. One little baby couldn't have gotten those on her own. The magical display of lights was another mystery. The tiny baby giggled and the lights grew brighter.

Sketch sent for Princess Celestia, she'd be able to help. Celestia arrived with the guards and walked over. "Hello, Sketch", Celestia said with a smile. Sketch bowed her head in respect. "Where is this strange filly you have?", Celestia asked. Sketch used her maguic to lift the baby up and setted it down in front of Celestia. The older princess circled the baby carefully. "I've never seen anything like her", Celestia said to Sketch. "It must have something to do with her different colored eyes", Celestia guessed. Sketch flipped through a large book. It had every magical occurance that had ever happened in history. "Here.", Sketch said, reading through the page.

The baby's kind didn't even exist anymore. She was the last one and no one knew she was even alive. It said that babies were known to get strange magical abilities that would come and go. It warned that when the baby was upset, there was no telling what might happen. "We need to keep her happy", Celestia stated, hearing that. The baby teethed happily on a necklcae. "No, that not food", Sketch said, taking the necklace away. The baby looked around and burst into tears. The ground began disappearing around them. Sketch picked the baby and and tried to make her laugh. Celestia created a sparkly saphhire pony statue and gave it to thw baby, who began to smile and laugh. "That was close", Sketch said. Celestia nodded. This was one special baby.