On a website called Disney Create, My Little Pony has caught the heart of all the talented artists.

This is what Disney create looks like in 2013

Disney Create

Disney Create is from the Walt Disney company. It is where children draw online using special tools(Paint brushes, spraypaint, etc.) and sharing their art. People can look at the art, comment, rate and save the drawing into ones computer. If you like a specific person's art, you can fan them by going to their gallery. Anyone can do Disney Create. Its free to join. heres a link:Disney Create

My Little Pony on DC

Now to Disney Create, MLP is the most popular subject to draw. Lots of popular artists(more than 100 fans) got their popularity by drawing their own My Little Ponies. But you need to be good at drawing MLP to get on the home page. My Little Pony is not just getting its own websites, it taking over other websites!!

Now if the show creators need new ponies, they should just go over to Disney Create to get inspiration.

Why this is Happening

My theory is that the members are soon-to-be-bronies and are showing there supported in a art website. When the Season 3 finale came out the Artist made they're own versions of "What my Cutie Mark is telling Me" And when Disney movie, "Frozen" A lot of Elsa-based ponies were made
FANMADE Old and New Rainbow Dash Talking

What a DC artist made to compare both g4 and g3

And A New Wiki by Jesskitty

If you are a DC member and draw MLP then go join Jesskitty's new wiki for MLP DC artists