Hi everybody! I'm new, and I want to share some theories about MLP.

Also, I could put the theories on the pages, but the code is too complicated and I would rather use visual mode.

Twilight Sparkle Theories

Twilight Was Always A Princess!

My theory is quite dark. I will state that even though some people will disagree, I will say Twilight is dead. Here's some evidence. To start, you don't need wings to be royalty. Look at Shining Armour and Prince Blueblood. Even though they're stallions, stallions can be alicorns. Maybe this doesn't count, but Big Mac proves this in Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?. So Twilight might have always been a princess. Not enough? Well, Flurry Heart gives me a good reason. In The Crystalling - Part 1, Celestia states that an alicorn being born is something that Equestria have never seen. Even if Flurry heart was born as a unicorn, earth pony or pegasus, she'd still be a princess. And Twilight was technically born in a royal family, because of Shining Armour. So how is she dead? She died in Magical Mystery Cure, and in the end, something much darker killed her: friendship. And if she doesn't die there, she died in Twilight's Kingdom - Part 2. This can be explained as when Tirek has sucked the magic out of her, her eyes glitch for a bit, then are back to normal. It's because she's dead. All this time Twilight as an alicorn made sense; she was an angel. Also, you probably think to be a spirit, you have to look ghostly, right? Not exactly. This is proved in the latest episode, A Hearth's Warming Tail. Pinkie Pie isn't ghostly at all, and Luna doesn't seem that ghostly. The only one who looks ghostly is Applejack for reasons unknown. Maybe it's just earth ponies and pegasi that are ghostly, while unicorns and alicorns can come back as angels, like Twilight. 

So, in other words, when Sweetie Belle dies, she's going to become an alicorn. Hooray!

Applejack Theories

Applejack's Parents

I'm going to put the needle in the haystack about these theories, which are really fascinating. Let's start by looking at the facts the show has hinted. The only facts I can put my finger on is that they've passed away. However, they were probably alive while Applejack was given her Cutie Mark, as Apple Bloom wasn't born yet.  Well, at least the mother would be alive. For proof that Apple Bloom wasn't born yet, Applejack is an adult, while Apple Bloom is a filly. If Apple Bloom was already born, she might be a teenager. Also, during the flashback were Applejack was an infant, they were definitely alive. However, in those scenes, we don't see many ponies. So, let's see with Granny Smith. It is unknown which parent Granny Smith gave birth to. Let me tell you a story about what I think happened in Granny Smith's past.

Granny Smith found and maybe even created Ponyville. Before Mayor Mare came along, Granny Smith came along and became the mayor of Ponyville. Things rolled smoothly and lots of ponies started moving to town, like Mr and Mrs. Cake, Dr. Hooves and Derpy. However, Granny Smith went into retirement after giving birth to two mares: Apple Mare and Sweetie Drops. Yes, I am suggesting that Granny Smith is Bon Bon's mother. However, you might be wondering: How can that be? Bon Bon isn't in any Apple Family picture. The spy work probably kept her busy. Apple Mare soon found a handsome stallion who her sister led her to: Prince Blueblood. Apple Mare and Prince Blueblood had children: Applejack, Apple Bloom and Big McIntosh.

Let's analyse this. Apple Mare is supposed to be Mayor Mare. The problem most people will bring up is the stars and that Mayor Mare and Prince Blueblood are still alive. I think that might be something we're missing. I think those stars do represent tham, but not that they're dead. It's Applejack that she doesn't remember who her parents are, hence why she doesn't call Mayor Mare her mother. It also explains Blueblood's mood. 

So, you learnt some things today. Granny Smith gave birth to Mayor Mare and Bon Bon. Mayor Mare and Prince Blueblood were married until divorce. The stars don't represent any kind of death.

So, Rarity might want to back away from Blueblood. Apple Mare will be mad.