Mango Dolphin

aka Fillydelphian Pinkie Pie

  • I live in Berry Sweet Fruit Orchards, North-Western Fillydelphia
  • My occupation is I work hard in my farm, and I take shifts in our family resturant. Other than that, I am a budding artist/musician.
  • I am a mare that is also a pegasus who is afraid of heights.
  • Mango Dolphin

    Secrecy Under Oath

    August 6, 2013 by Mango Dolphin

    Hello, fillies and colts... I am the owner of this faction. We are devoted to aid our Queen of the Night, Luna, and the lord of laughter and chaotic yet harmonic cheer, Discord.

    We may be small now, but we can make a difference and help them rise, keeping harmony to the land but still keeping cheer to the children of the land through love, devotion, respect, and the occasional prank to all for a little fun to keep in high spirits.

    We are... Secrecy Under Oath!

    Our own Logo!

    Find the Hurt and Heal blog here:

    Leader and Founder: Mango Dolphin

    Co-Leader/General(s): Flutter-on, 

    You simply ask to join, and you're in! However, you must be a good friend of mine or appear qualified t…

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