Hello, fillies and colts... I am the owner of this faction. We are devoted to aid our Queen of the Night, Luna, and the lord of laughter and chaotic yet harmonic cheer, Discord.

We may be small now, but we can make a difference and help them rise, keeping harmony to the land but still keeping cheer to the children of the land through love, devotion, respect, and the occasional prank to all for a little fun to keep in high spirits.

We are... Secrecy Under Oath!


Our own Logo!

Find the Hurt and Heal blog here:

Current Members

Leader and Founder: Mango Dolphin

Co-Leader/General(s): Flutter-on, 

How to Apply

You simply ask to join, and you're in! However, you must be a good friend of mine or appear qualified to be the Co-Leader. Obviously the leaders of the Lunar Republic can be generals too since they're awesome, but only if they want to join.

You can be part of this faction if you are parts of others, but if you are part of an opposing faction and/or a faction whose goal is to hurt our Queen Luna or Discord, you cannot join. If you join an opposing faction, you will be kicked out, but we still can be illegal friends! But hurt them whilst being part of this faction and you will be kicked out, you meanie pants.


Our primary goal is to keep Luna and Discord alive, and to strike down the mares and colts who have lowered their guard (example, pony with lowest HP is Shining Armor, hurt them without mercy). However, we must help our leaders up when struck down, keeping them alive.

A secondary goal is to keep Snowdrop, a good friend of Luna's, alive, and to keep Pinkie Pie alive as well. Heal them if Queen Luna's or Lord Discord's HP is high enough. An enemy of our ally is our enemy. Also, do not hurt the highest ranking ponies, for factions from them will hurt the ones we love. We will avoid such things until action is needed.

Update Board

  • The Secrecy Under Oath has been created! Current goal is to keep Luna and Discord in the game, and a side goal to keep Pinkie Pie and Snowdrop. August 6th, 2013 ~Mango Dolphin
  • S.U.O. (Secrecy Under Oath) has allied with The Diamond Dogs, a group focused on keeping Rarity in the game and eliminating Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, Although not mandatory, you are allowed to hurt Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, but if Rarity has low health you must help heal her. August 6th, 2013 ~Mango Dolphin
  • The Lunar Republic, my own group that I am a member of, has accepted to an alliance with S.U.O., now giving them 3 alliances and the Secrecy Under Oath 2 alliances. August 6th, 2013 "So much is accomplished in one day!" ~Mango Dolphin
  • Secrecy Under Oath has agreed to an alliance with The Unknown Alliance, giving them three (I think) alliances, and giving S.U.O. three alliances as well, despite having only one member, but no members whatsoever if the leader is not counted. August 6th, 2013 ~Mango Dolphin
  • Flutter-on has joined as a general. August 9th, 2013