Gallery for The Karate Pegasi 2: The Final Flight of Karate

FANMADE Karate Pegasi 2

The New *FANMADE* Movie Cover

Discord EvilLaugh S02E01

Discord's flashback of Karate Pegasi 1 when he wasn't a pegasis.

Discord gives Dash a choice S2E1

Come to the Dark side, Sensei Rainbow Dash!

Discord hypnotizing S2E01

Trying to hypnotize Rainbow Dash

Spike meeting the dragons S2E21

Spike meets Discord's minions. RUN SPIKE!!

Spike sitting on his bed S2E21

" I need to get out of this dungeon... but how? Where's Fluttershy? "

Fluttershy and Discord "well, now you do" S03E10

Oh, Fluttershy. Can't you tell that's Discord?

Pegasus banner S2E11

" Fluttershy, you still have much to learn about the Ninjas of Pegasi. "